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Chippewa Downs Protective Measures
RMTC - Harpagoside (Devil's Claw) Advisory

Equine Welfare Advisory

Exposure to Environmental Contaminants

  • Learn how to prevent accidental positive drug tests by managing your horse's environment

Please be aware that the tracks, State Vet and Commission are now requiring health certs and temps to be completed within 72 hours prior to entering Chippewa Downs or the ND Horse Park. The State Vet requests that anyone who plans on hauling in each weekend of the meets contact him prior to or during that first weekend of the meet to discuss.

Notice of 72-hour health certificate

Condition Books now available via the link on the left navigation panel. Also, please see the information on the Equine Herpesvirus below.

EHV Warning

State Vet Release

USDA Biosecurity Brochure

You can check the following website for updates on quarantines and releases...

Additional info on EHV from the American Association of Equine Practitioners...

Some good additional info for review on biosecurity...

Cobalt Regulation

RMTC Brochure