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When is gambling a problem?

Most likely, at some point in your life you have gambled, whether with the purchase of a raffle ticket or a couple games of bingo. These are pretty harmless acts for most people, but approximately 3 percent of North Dakotans struggle with compulsive gambling. They are unable to stop and it triggers a downward spiral in their life and relationships.

When gambling isn't fun anymore....There is help.




The 10 rules of responsible gambling are as follows:

  1. If you gamble, do so for entertainment only.

  2. Treat the money you lose as the cost of entertainment.

  3. Set a dollar limit and stick to it.

  4. Set a time limit and stick to it.

  5. Expect to lose.

  6. Make it a rule not to gamble on credit.

  7. Create a balance in your life.

  8. Avoid "chasing" lost money.

  9. Don't gamble as a way to cope with emotional or physical pain.

  10. Become educated about the warning signs of problem gambling.

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