Notice to Horsemen and Horsewomen

The Commission has authorized offering a reduced fee on license applications received sufficiently in advance of the 2024 racing season. You can find the early application fee schedule for 2024 and a license application form below.

The license fee reduction will apply to any application meeting the following criteria:

  • A completely filled out application;
  • A check or money order payable to the NDRC for the applicable fee;
  • Application and fee postmarked by May 15, 2024.

Please make sure your license application has been filled out completely and signed prior to sending. Incomplete or unsigned applications will not be processed and will not receive the reduced fee. Sending in last year’s license will also not be sufficient as the Commission must ensure all information on its licensees is up-to-date.

Please also be sure to include your email address if you have one. With this information, the Commission will be able to quickly and easily provide important information to ensure horsemen are aware of any issues which may affect them.

Early License Application Reduced Fee Schedule:

  1. Trainer - $65 (regular fee $75)
  2. Owner - $40 (regular fee $50)
  3. Owner-trainer (combined) - $65 (regular fee $75)
  4. Jockey - $25 (regular fee $35)
  5. Apprentice Jockey - $25 (regular fee $35)
  6. Jockey Agent - $25 (regular fee $35)
  7. Authorized Agent - $15 (regular fee $25)
  8. Stable Name - $15 (regular fee $25)
  9. Exercise Person - $15 (regular fee $20)
  10. Groom - $5 (regular fee $10)
  11. Farrier - $40 (regular fee $50)