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Breed Fund Rule Changes - effective October 1, 2022

The Administrative Rule change to the Breed Fund was approved and adopted on October 1, 2022. All of the Breed Fund forms have been updated to reflect these changes. Please use the new forms that are located at the bottom of the Breeders Fund page. If old forms are submitted, they will be unrecorded and returned to you. 

The major changes are:

1. The registration fee for a foal, broodmare, or stallion is now a one-time fee of $30. Once the horse has been registered in the breed fund, there is not any additional fees to be paid. The paperwork must still be submitted to register a broodmare or stallion, if they were registered as a foal. 

2. If you want to register a foal after December 31 of their foaling year, the late fee will now be $300. 

3. If you utilize embryo transfer with a broodmare, there is a form that must be completed and submitted by November 1 of the breeding year. The form is called Recipient Mare Request (SFN 62243). The form is at the bottom of this page. This change will be effective for the calendar year 2023. 

For a complete list of the updated breed fund rules, please refer to: https://www.ndlegis.gov/information/acdata/pdf/69.5-01-09.pdf 

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